Motorhomes and Campers Complex in Chipiona, Cádiz

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At La Siesta de la Gaviota we attach great importance to the toilet areas. That is why we have designed spacious and comfortable areas. Taps by proximity or push button to save as much water as possible. Toilets fully adapted for people with reduced mobility. Shower cubicles with a dry area. Efficient toilet areas thanks to water heating by solar panels and phyto-purification tanks to recycle both black and grey water and use it for irrigation. LSG Complex with the Environment.


in La Siesta de La Gaviota

Our little friends are welcome at La Siesta de la Gaviota. They have to comply with some basic rules that you will find in our internal regulations. We have a special area where they can do their business, run loose and play with them in complete peace and quiet.

The fee per dog is 2€, so both the owner and our furry friend can benefit from our dog day care. If the client wishes, they will be provided with a series of weekly walks carried out by our trainer, as well as care and accommodation in case our clients want to enjoy a getaway without their pet.

Mascotas la siesta de la gaviota

What is included in the dog day care:
3 weekly walks by our trainer and a day care service in case the client wants to go somewhere without the dog.

IMPORTANT: dogs are not allowed to run loose on our premises except in the area before the beach.



In order to ensure that our guests have a peaceful stay, we have defined a series of basic rules of coexistence that are easy to follow.

We ask each of our customers to follow them so that we can all enjoy the stay.

Thank you!


for all

Accesibilidad la siesta de la gaviota

Everyone is welcome in the Overnight Area – La Siesta de la gaviota. Of course, also people with reduced mobility. For this reason, the entire overnight stay area is equipped without architectural barriers. There are adapted cabins in the toilet modules. It must be taken into account that, as we are in an area of countryside and beach, it may be difficult to move around, so it may be necessary to have the help of another person to move around.



We have thought of everything… we offer you our gym so that you can take care of your health and keep fit. Get moving and enjoy an active life.


La siesta de la Gaviota

At reception we will welcome you and answer all your questions. 

In our facilities you will find a small shop where you can buy all kinds of organic products, some of them made and harvested in our own garden, which you can visit by walking around the facilities of La Siesta de la Gaviota.

Organic vegetable garden

La Aranzada

We have a completely organic vegetable garden, from which we supply our shop. You can find it by taking a walk around our premises, and anyone who wants to give us a hand and harvest their vegetables is welcome».

The weather

in Chipiona

To speak of Chipiona is to speak of a mild climate. A climate with pleasant temperatures.

In Chipiona we enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with mainly hot and dry summers with hardly any rainfall. In winter, on the other hand, and thanks to its proximity to the sea, we enjoy pleasantly mild temperatures.